How it works?


Registration is available until May 22nd, 2018

Set up your profile

When you register, create a strong profile. It will raise your visibility on the platform. Describe who you are, what is your company working on, what you are looking at, who you would like to meet..

Your profile will be live and visible by other participants during the whole event. If your profile is clearly written and concise, you will get much more efficient meetings.

Request meetings
April 28th - May 22nd, 2018

The profile of attendees/participants are visible on the platform. You just have to send meeting requets to attendees you would like to meet with. It can be much better if you explain why such a meeting can be powerful. It will increase the chance to get it.

Build connections | May 23rd, 2018

The day before the LabMeeting opening, you will receive your detailed meeting agenda. You can as well check out your meeting agenda online or via the Eventtia mobile website.


Our platform is designed to accompany you efficiently throughout the whole process registration to help you make this event a real success. From registration to the event, there will be regular e-mail updates explaining what you need to do next.
LabMeetings provide targeted face-to-face meetings between Paris region Labs and international companies.



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