Here are the companies already registered and approved

Mitchell Weinstock - HP Tech Venture - Palo Alto (US)
The early stage investment arm for HP Inc.
Stéphane Werba - Enlighted Inc. - Sunnyvale (US)

Enlighted is the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company that delivers the leading technology platform for smart buildings.

Enlighted’s mission is to help its customers reach long-range sustainability goals while saving money and increasing efficiency. With its first-in-class sensor and analytics platform, it provides smart energy solutions for commercial environments, saving customers up to 90% in energy costs while improving the comfort of workspaces and the efficiency of the people who work in them.

Alexis Susset - SORACOM Inc. - Tokyo (JP)
SORACOM is an IoT connectivity solutions provider (MVNO). Their solutions empowered already over 5000 IoT projects globally. SORACOM offers a global connectivity for all types of IoT devices from various network technologies like cellular (2G/3G/4G), Sigfox or LoRa to any public or private cloud enabling bidirectional communication between devices and cloud, by-passing public internet.
Paul Debré - Globant - San Francisco (US)
We boost our client's digital experience by ideating and creating the most innovative software products leveraging emerging technologies and trends. We are the place where INNOVATION, DESIGN, and ENGINEERING meet scale.
Lou Hamonic - Software in Brussels (Cluster) (BE)

We are a dynamic cluster gathering the most significant players of the Brussels software industry

Mathieu Goffart - Fuzzy Logix - Charlotte (US)
Fuzzy Logix is a leading predictive analytics software and services company that provides analytics tools for big data. Our products reside and execute within the database (or data warehouse), greatly reduce the need to move the data, are accessible using SQL scripts, and use parallel programming tools and techniques to significantly reduce analytic processing times. By helping customers solve problems using analytics, we deliver high return on investment and by directly integrating analytics into the areas where data already resides Fuzzy Logix enables enormous processing efficiencies and dramatically reduces the cycle time for analytics.
Vishal Rai - Acellere - Frankfurt (DE)
Acellere has an artificial platform which helps organizations ensure that their software systems are safely developed and create a risk for the users.
Johannes Riedel - AIPark - Brunswick (DE)

Finding parking today is the last pain point in the entire car driving experience that causes roughly 30% of all city traffic. Every time a car is moved, drivers spend roughly 10 minutes cruising to find open parking. In times of diesel bans, this effect significantly contributes to the rise of urban air pollution.

AIPARK helps drivers find parking with predictive and real-time availability information for millions of parking spots - accurate, reliable and with nationwide coverage. The patent-pending system uses AI to analyze data feeds from 5+ Mio connected devices and manages thousands of interfaces to cities and parking operators. We combine this solution with our own low-cost IoT sensors to add local real-time availability feeds.

AIPARK offers the right data to realize a dynamic last mile navigation to the open parking spot and targets the Automotive and Smart City markets. Its RESTful API integrates seamlessly with mobility services on all internet-enabled platforms: Connected Cars, Apps and Traffic Management Systems.

Nicolas Tisserand - Assist Digital - Milan (IT)
Our business system, a unique combination of A.I. enabled solutions, UX Design, technology, marketing and operations, helps every day blue chip enterprises to build long-lasting relationships with their customers across all channels.
YJ Min - Konolabs - Seoul (KR)
Schedule made simple anyway powered by
Mathilde Monge - unu motors - Berlin (DE)
Electric scooter & mobility solutions
G. Ling & N. Frangou - Massive Analytics Ltd - London (UK)
The Precognition Company
S. Louis-Mossberg & M. Herrera - NISSAN Europe - Barcelona (SP)
Looking for expertise in electric mobility, batteries, vehicle to grid, industry 4.0, energy, connected services, carsharing, etc..
Joan Pons - SORIGUÉ - Barcelona (SP)

Sorigué is a dynamic group of leading companies in the technology and water engineering, services, construction and materials sector with a clear commitment to innovate and improve society.

Lee Taihoon - Gonghoon - Uijongbu (KR)
Use voice to verify user with voice recognition device
Sung Wook Choi - Numix Media Works Co,Ltd - Songnam (KR)
VR AR Contents Software & Hardware Development + Blockchain platform based software development
Vincent Reboul - Mobapi - Cayenne (GY)
Mobapi helps companies monitor Energy data thanks to the Internet of Things. We operate essentially in the remote monitoring of production and consumption parameters, aiming to optimize maintenance and cut costs.
Kevin Françoisse - Sagacify - Brussels (BE)
We automate operations using artificial intelligence
Fabian Beringer - e-bot7 GmbH - Munich (DE)
Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service
Dorota Smaggia - RealEyes - London (UK)
Emotions Drive Behavior Using webcams and the latest computer vision and machine-learning technologies, we measure how people feel as they watch video content online. Our emotional intelligence enables brands, agencies and media companies to confidently target optimized content to the right audiences.
Cédric Lopez - Regiondo - Munich (DE)
Activity Booking Software
Liviu Babitz - Cyborg Nest - London (UK)
Cyborg Nest is the world’s leading company to sell intelligently designed senses. The firm decided to embark on a path to discover more about our world, focusing on what humans cannot perceive with just their senses. Where artificial intelligence is usually crafted to make phones, cars, and homes smarter, Cyborg Nest decided to focus on making people smarter instead.
Ignas Slapkauskas - NODUS - Vilnius (LT)
Nodus is an engineering R&D company with the focus on development and international sales of innovative, patented technologies helping to reduce CO2 emission by using renewable energy for heating and cooling of the buildings, heat energy accumulation and transformation. Nodus is committed to scientific approaches in developing simple, smart engineering innovations helping to promote environmentally friendly solutions by employing solar energy in our everyday private and business lives. 
Danny Manu - My Manu - Manchester (UK)
Mymanu is an innovative manufacturer and designer of smart consumer electronics that enrich people’s experience through the power of sound.
Elodie Draperi - Give Vision - London (UK)
GiveVision is developing wearable devices to make the lives of visually impaired people easier indoors and outdoors
Zheng Lin - Intelligent Robots - London (UK)
AI powered autonomous mobile robots for material transportation in warehouses
Monique Bertho - Motor Development international - Luxembourg (LU)
Motor Development International (MDI) is R&D company that developed a disruptive high technology of clean compressed-air engines.   Compressed air can be produced from any non-polluting renewable energy source such as solar, wind or hydraulic collectors in the most suitable cases. Our innovative compressed air engine caters to a wide variety of applications scalable, flexible, operable and adaptable to Sustainable mobility, and Energy Storage solutions.
Iwona skowronek - Naviparking - Gliwice (PL)
Smart parking solution for drivers, cities and commercial parking owners. Parking integrated with multimodal transport to assure seamless door-to-door mobility and eliminate "last mile" problem
Constantin Schroeder - IDnow - Munich (DE)

The Identity Verification Platform for 6.3 billion people

Karim Mansour - SIGRA Technologies GmbH - Munich (DE)

Development of an autonomous driving system, embedded software

Rodolphe Soulard - Enterprise Europe Network North West - Manchester (UK)
"Grow through Import, Export, Marketing in Europe"
Olivier Allegret - Paris Region PRIME - San Francisco (US)
Catalyst for Open Innovation fostering mutually beneficial connections between French and American organizations


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