Sidi Sakho, Head of funding and support to innovation

It's a pleasure to meet these companies perfectly in line with the market needs for the coming years.

Sourcing is quality. We will try to work with some met companies.

Vincent Bryant, Founder

Very good meeting. I had the opportunity to leave the event with one of the Big Companies that attend the event to go to another meeting.

Estelle Nguyen, Business Developper

This day allows us to be seen by big companies and directly know what they think of our technolgy. When you propose an innovative technology like ours, it is important to have feedbacks and discuss about it.

We also apreciate the « organised network » : much easier when you are a young company and you want to make contacts for the future.

Philippe Delarue, Innovation Business Developer

This event organized by Paris Region Entreprises is a very good opportunity for small companies and Startups like WiN MS to have an access easily and rapidly to big companies and to extend the network.

That save a lot of precious time and energy.

In our case, we directly had opportunity to meet the good access point in companies like OPENHYDRO or COFELY ENERGIE, GE, VINCI Energies, …