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This time our member Wa Salon will welcome us with sake tasting of “Fukumitsuya” (from ISHIKAWA Prefecture). Wa Salon is a showroom dedicated to highly artistic craft and culture that showcases traditional, original or even innovative objects.

Please enjoy here her exhibition of lacquer, kitchen knives from Ishikawa Prefecture  and also Hasami ware from Nagasaki Prefecture at the moment.

Hasami porcelain has a history of 400 years.The Chef Dominique Bouchet will be with us.  His fifth restaurant has opened in Kyoto (after Tokyo, Kanazawa and Nagoya). 


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Le 12 Février 2020 de 06:00 PM à 07:30 PM GMT 2

9 Rue Treilhard, 75008 Paris, France

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18:00 :  Ouverture de l'accueil 受付開始

19:30 :  Fin 終了


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