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NOTE: You must submit a profile picture which will be used to print your credential in an attachment (not exceeding 300x300 pixels and 1.2MB in size, in the jpg, or png) this will serve to identify the badge holder. Lack of a picture or use of a picture that hinders or prevents facial recognition (e.g. wearing sunglasses or a headdress that covers the face, etc.) may result in the badge holder being denied entry to the Festival Events.
Before purchasing FEST PRO accreditation, please provide us with proof of your current professional activity. It can be one of the following: your professional website or company’s website listing you as a staff member; an up-to-date CV and/or filmography; letter of intent or recommendation letter from your superior; other supporting document (if none of the above applies).
Below, you can fill in the information and contact details you want to share with the festival audience and industry professionals. Please be aware that this information will be shared in FEST Attendee List.
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