Smart Transportation Techmeeting


A first step to initiate partnerships between Paris Region, California and Israël key players

Meet key French Smart Transportation players during a one-day event for innovative companies and research labs

You are client for / developing solutions for :

Data Management for Smart Transportation, Smart Parking, Public Transportation Payment, Tickets Management, Navigation (Indoor and Outdoor), Personal Transport Vehicles, Fleet Management, Public Transport Planning, Innovative Public Transport, SCADA Security, Behaviour Analysis …

Join us !

This event gives you the opportunity to meet with Paris Region major players in smart transportation.

Selected companies will enjoy exclusive package and benefits:

·       Presentation of challenges in smart transportation by key players in Paris Region

·       Possibility to pitch in front of Large corporations such as  Aéroports de Paris, CG93, Ecomobility Ventures, GDF Suez, La Poste, Orange, RATP, SNCF, Systra, City of Paris, Vinci Park, etc…

·       Cocktail, lunch and networking opportunities

·       BtoB meetings with major key accounts and the Paris Region Ecosystem

This smart transportation techmeeting is organized by Paris Region Entreprises in close collaboration with its 2 offices, Prime in San Francisco and our Tel Aviv office.

Free of charge for Paris Region Entreprises Members / Fee for non PRE members


March 3rd 2015 from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM GMT 1

11 rue de Cambrai - Bâtiment 28 75019 Paris

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09:00 am - 09:30 am
Coffee and registration
09:30 am - 09:45 am
Welcome Address by Sabine Enjalbert, CEO of Paris Region Entreprises
09:45 am - 12:30 pm
Pitch of large companies, start-ups and SMEs
12:30 pm - 02:00 pm
Networking lunch
02:00 pm - 06:00 pm
B2B meetings

Meetings between Large corporations (La Poste, Aéroports de Paris, Orange, Systra, SNCF …) and start-ups, innovative companies, research labs, Funds (Ecomobility Ventures …)



“As Ubeeko develops its Big Data platform for Intelligent Transport, the Smart Transportation TechMeeting has proved the perfect event to both get a panoramic view of the sector and identify potential partners and projects.”

Ghislain Mazars, CEO, Ubeeko

“Our participation to the TechMeeting was very fruitful by giving us the opportunity to present to a panel for start-ups our challenges and needs about Smart Transportation. The selection of start-ups coming from Europe, Israel and US made by PRE was varied and discerning. We should go further into business discussion with at least 2 companies”.

Bertrand de Fremont, Innovation Senior Manager, Aéroports de Paris.

"The TechMeeting is an amazing opportunity to make big companies and startups from the same sector talk together with the same ambition: making business together. It’s a very efficient way to gather people from all over the world at the same place and the contacts are very easy to make since there are not too many people. And the funny thing is that the most interesting company I met was not even among the ones I had spotted before!”.

Arnaud Parfait, Innovation Manager, Vinci Park

"It’s a great opportunity for us to meet people who wants to innovate and make business for a smarter mobility, mixing different kind of transports, different kind of entreprises (from start-up to big firm) with digital solutions for better services, more traveller-centric. What we use to call “responsive locomotion”.

Bertrand Billoud, Marketing and communication manager, CANAL TP-responsive locomotion

“Il est toujours très intéressant pour un grand groupe d’avoir accès à un sourcing d’entreprises innovantes. Vous avez réussi ce challenge d’établir des ponts entre les startups et les grands comptes, avec l’originalité de l’international”.

François Gueno, Innovation and New Business Manager, Groupe La Poste

“Very interesting working session. A good opportunity to meet innovative SMEs and startups, in order to develop our ecosystem...”.

Yves Daumas, Business Development Executive Smarter Cities - IBM France

“Je vous confirme que j'ai trouvé cette journée forte intéressante et qu'elle m'a permis de rencontrer Vinci Park, ADP, Ecomobilité Ventures et Orange ainsi que mon concurrent direct Streetline. Les starts up m'ont semblé moins attractives pour moi. En terme business, j'espère concrètement que cela puisse rapidement avancer avec Vinci Park. Ecomobilité pourrait également m'aider sur un round de financement mais cela attendra environ 6/8 mois, notamment du fait des avancements de mon côté”.

Xavier Richard, Park 24, Fr.

“Smart transportation Techmeeting was a great occasion to meet with innovative startups and large french companies. It was both professionnal and very open. The quality of the organization and opportunity to meet with them is very valuable for a company like Cyclez who is looking for partners and customers. Thank you to all and keep on the good work that help us do business”.

Charles Poretz, founder CYCLEZ, Fr.

“The Smart Transportation Techmeeting was a well-organized event and it has been an interesting opportunity for Hear & Know to showcase our innovative geolocation technology to US and Israeli players”.

Jean-Philippe Lelièvre,Chief Visionary Officer, Hear & Know, Fr.

“The Smart Transportation Techmeeting was a great success for RideScout. We have just started looking to expand to Europe, which includes finding the right locations with the right partnerships. I think we found a great deal of both in Paris this week. We met the leaders of companies like HopOn and GreenGO who are likely candidate to help enable greater functionality in our application in the US and Europe. And we met the leaders of potential customers like La Zooz and BusNET who we hope can provide greater access and choice to RideScout customers. I thought the format for the tech meeting was outstanding. The morning session gave us all the opportunity to hear from each participant and get to know their face so that in the afternoon we had a better understanding of the company and the person representing”.

Steve Caroll, VP, Strategic Development, Ridescout, US

“I think it was very helpful for our company and out of the meetings I think one or two can lead for a true cooperation, so our expectations are completely met”.

Amir Zaid, CEO of Roadix Ltd, Israel

“Thank you for the well-organized conference and B2B meetings. Once again we find the conference and your support very valuable for us”.

Ori Dadoosh, CEO Greenride, Israel

“I think it was really well organized and I had an amazing time. The pitches from the big companies were very informative, as I was able to understand better what each company was looking for and better prepare myself for the B2B conversations based on their presentations. The B2B meetings were where the real work was done. Sitting down with the big corporations and even with some of the smaller startups was not only a great experience, but really gave me real possible business partners for the future. I was also pleasantly surprised with the people there, as everyone was even more friendly and helpful than I would have thought. I received really good feedback regarding GreenOn, and would definitely be interested to come back next year”.

Daniel Linder, Greenon, Israel.

“Once again you have created an excellent event, meetup and networking, that left all its attendees very much impressed, interested and pleased”

 Lior Zeno, Ecomotion, Israeli cluster.

“Very useful event, with good preparation and execution. I particularly liked the intensity of the day, the mix of companies participating was the right one. It was definitely time well spent and a great platform to develop potential partnerships and business going forward”.

Asdrúbal Pichardo Managing Director International, Streetline

“I wanted to thank you once again for inviting me to the event of the Paris Region Enterprises yesterday. It found it very interesting. Please keep me posted on any future events of interest and let me know if I can be of assistance to you in any way in recruiting Israeli companies, etc.”

Leora Hadar, Head of the commercial department, Ambassade d’Israel.

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your invitation to the Smart Transportation event.It was really a pleasure to meet you and your colleagues. Your event was very successful and I am sure it was insightful for all participants as well. Looking forward to working with you on future tech events. Thank you again!”

Myrline Mikal-Goide, Director Hi-Tech Unit, Ambassade des Etats-Unis

“This event was an amazing opportunity for us to talk to major companies in France. This helped us understand their challenges about Smart Transportation and how we can help them. Additionally, the event represented a great chance to introduce PARKNAV as a an innovative on-street parking solution for France. Thank you for an amazing event!”

Gerhard Boiciuc, VP Business Development, PARKNAV