Measuring the Impact of Risk Based Monitoring

Risk Based Monitoring Webinar Recording: 



The RBM initiative was one of the first for TransCelerate. It released 8 methodology framework papers and multiple supporting tools and resources. The perception currently is that RBM is improving quality and efficiency however quantifying the magnitude of the improvement remains challenging. The purpose of the webinar is to explore how the value of RBM implementation is defined and assessed.

The webinar will consist of three sections:

  • The newly published RBM Metrics Report “Measuring the Impact of Risk Based Monitoring” will be reviewed with the audience, detailing the work the team has done with respect to the analysis and trends seen in years of RBM metrics data collection
  • RBM team members will share their member company experiences in the evolution of measuring the impact of RBM implementation.
  • A Q&A session will be held at the end of the webinar to allow audience members to ask questions of the member company representatives.

Learning Objectives:

To understand the current challenges associated with defining appropriate metrics to measure the impact of Risk-Based Monitoring. 

Target Audience:

Staff involved with Risk-Based Monitoring / Central Monitoring design, implementation and quality metrics.

Question & Answer: 

Webinar Recordings:  TransCelerate educational webinars may be recorded in whole or in part. 



March 24th 2020 from 09:00 AM to 10:30 AM GMT -4