Paris Air Show Business Tour



Take part in the Paris Air Show Business Tour, a half-day sites visit event offering you VIP access to the most innovative aeronautics locations in the Paris Region!


Once you have visited the Paris Air Show, grab the opportunity to visit -for free- two of the most innovative French sites in aeronautical combustion, new alloys and composites materials:

- two research equipments of the ONERA, the French national aerospace research establishment. The ONERA is a public research establishment with 2,000 professionals, including 1,500 scientists and technicians.

- the new SAFRAN composite research centre, which is a unique center of excellence in Europe in the field of composite materials. 


This tour includes:

  • The two visits
  • Transfers by bus
  • The networking buffet

All organizational and logistics costs are taken care of by Paris Region Entreprises.

Registration is required due to limited capacities and will be submitted to validation. Please note that registration will close on June 5th.



June 19th 2015 from 07:45 AM to 03:30 PM GMT -5

Meeting Point Place d'Italie


07:45 am - 07:45 am
Meeting Point

at the Exit 1 of Porte d'Italie station (metro line 7, tram 3a, Buses 47 and 185) for transfer to the 1st visit

09:00 am - 10:30 am
Visit of the ONERA research centre
11:30 am - 01:00 pm
Visit of the new SAFRAN Composite Research Center
01:00 pm - 02:30 pm
Networking lunch
02:30 pm - 03:30 pm
Return to Paris city center

Visit of the ONERA research centre

This visit includes:​


  • A demo of the M1 Test Bench (dealing with aeronautic combustion, pollutant emissions reduction, energy department). 

The M1 test bench is a part of ATD Laboratories (Aerothermodynamics Laboratories). It is used for applied research testing on combustors, combustor components, single sector and injection system performances on tubular combustor (ignition limits, stability limits, pollutant emission measurements, etc…) There are 3 flow lines available. 




  • A demo of the Spray tower (dealing with materials, metallic materials department) :

This R&D device is designed to make Equipex MATMECA : l’institut Carnot ONERA-ISA inaugure sa tour d’atomisationnew metallic alloys with exceptional properties. Thanks to this research equipment, the ONERA now masters all the steps of the alloys’ design process. It aims at assisting the manufacturers who work for aeronautics, space industry, energy, car industry and medical industry, who are developing powder metallurgy, and who are committed to eventually producing parts from additive manufacturing, flash sintering or injection moulding.


Visit of the new SAFRAN Composite Research Center


SAFRAN has invested 50 million euros in this new Research Center, which spans 10,000 square meters. It will ultimately be staffed by 150 recognized specialists in composite materials, including technicians, engineers and doctoral scientists, who will deploy state-of-the-art machinery and equipment for all phases in the development cycle, from research to prototyping.

Organic matrix composites are becoming more strategic than ever for Safran with the development of the new LEAP engine, successor to the best-selling CFM56. Featuring fan blades and cases made using a proprietary 3D woven composite process, LEAP engines will power new-generation single-aisle commercial jets from both Airbus and Boeing starting in 2016.

This dedicated new research center will enable Safran to continue to extend the scope of application and performance of composite materials. Combining light weight with high strength and temperature resistance, advanced composites will help meet the pressing challenge of producing aircraft with reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The new Safran Composites research & technology center will play a triple role in addressing these goals by continuing work already under way on innovative composite technologies, such as 3D weaving; exploring new research paths, including higher temperature-resistant resins, within the scope of research partnerships bringing together academia, research labs, specialized small businesses, etc. thus facilitating the circulation of these technologies across all Safran companies.



In general, Safran Composites activities range from material analysis, in conjunction with the corporate Materials & Processes division, to production of full-scale pre-production prototypes. Research staff are investigating new domains, calling on partnerships with academia, other research labs and industry. A veritable cauldron of innovative technologies, the research center fosters the circulation of composite materials expertise across Safran, by giving specialists from different Safran Group companies the opportunity to work at a central hub.


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