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Justifying the business case for technology investment
Building a digital strategy
How to use technology to improve operational efficiency
Using data to generate new revenue opportunities
Understanding the composition of IoT technologies with a focus on platforms; data; analytics; cloud; data centres
Understanding of how to create a seamless and reliable network / overcoming connectivity issues
How to safeguard your business against cyber attacks by implementing seamless security systems across the stack / Building sufficient cyber defences
Knowledge on shifting data analysis from Cloud to Edge
Exploring new automation technologies such as AI; Robotics & Machine Learning and understanding their impact
Upgrading legacy systems to integrate connected/digital software
Hear innovation from startups
Find new technology partners Learning about new technologies e.g. blockchain;edge computing; AR/VR
Overcoming internal resistance and providing the necessary skills and workforce management
Using data analytics to gain actionable insight from IoT generated data
Predictive Maintenence
Digital Twin
Cyber Security
OT and IT Convergence
Digital Platforms
Virtual & Augmented Reality
3D Printing
Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence
Robotic Automation
Data Visualisation & Analytics
Embedded Intelligence
Explore new ideas; technology innovations and keep up to date on the latest trends
Networking opportunities with peers; industry leaders and technology providers
The conference programme and speaker line-up
Meeting existing business partners and colleagues
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