The spirit of co-creation and collaborative innovation being in the DNA of La Fabrique du Futur, it was natural to propose that Blockchain Agora's program reflect this. The course of the day was therefore developed in close consultation with the speakers as a kind of "unconference". 
A large place is given to exchanges, interactions, networking and even improvisation and serendipity.

A mobile application will also facilitate meetings between participants. 
To give participants the freedom to choose their topics of interest and the formats that best suit them, a wide variety of sessions are offered, with both topics for reflection and practical cases. 

Our conference will be hosted by André Dan, ou Master of Ceremony




Program subject to last mintute modifications

08:30 am - 09:15 am
Registration / Welcome coffee
09:15 am - 09:30 am
Presentation of the day
09:30 am - 09:45 am
Keynote on Positive Blockchain

Speaker : Lucas Zaehringer

Why should we talk about blockchain for Social Impact? There are countless reasons why you could be talking about blockchain. But why should you care about Blockchain for Social impact? And what does that mean in the first place? Reshaping how any data can be captured, stored, transferred opens the door to new innovations or disruptions putting the People and Planet in the center. Lucas Zaehringer, Founder of the open-source database and community exploring blockchain applications for social impact, will give some impressions about the potential positive changes and highlight why it matters.

09:45 am - 10:30 am
Roundtable on Positive Blockchain

Speakers : Sarah-Diane Eck, Arnaud Saint-Paul, Lucas Zaehringer

Animation par Lucas Zaehringer


10:30 am - 10:35 am
Icebreaker moment
10:35 am - 11:00 am
Coffee Break
11:00 am - 11:45 am
Design x Blockchain

by Hicham El Maaroufi Elidrissi - Founder & President @ LEANEALIST

New technologies often arrive and create discontinuities in the UX curve because they provide more value along some other dimensions like convenience, cost efficiency or simply solving problems that were impossible to solve with previous technologies. This often allows them to get away with offering suboptimal experiences in the short term. The rise of Apple as the first trillion dollar company clearly demonstrated that design is now everywhere, and what ultimately mattered on a longer timescale was a fanatical focus on the user experience.

The more complex a technology is and its underlying concepts difficult to grasp, the greater the attention to user experience must be given. Blockchain obviously fall in that category regardless of how much disruptive or appealing that technology might be...

Everyone can agree that blockchain has, among many others, a UX problem and when it comes to security or trust changing behaviors to make the unexplainable explainable and to break adoption barriers through simplicity and usability is the real challenge here! Technologies changes but what doesn’t change is people.
That raises the main question which is: "Should Blockchain be designed for tech, for trust or for people??" as ideal UX will always involve the following “what can we do to make users’ lives better?”

The rational answer would be, it should be designed for all of them and even beyond! Meaning attention should be given into the search of the UX Equilibrium since we don't know which technology will stick around for the long haul and which is doomed to be disruptively obsolete from the start? Let's explore the tension between the nature of blockchain and human-centered design.

11:00 am - 11:45 am
Roundtable on privacy, clean data, GDPR
Speakers : Matthias de Bièvre, Sébastien Jehan, Diane Richebourg
11:00 am - 02:45 pm
R&D around blockchain
Speakers : Gérard Memmi, Noémie Dié, Guillaume Guérard, Charles Kremer
11:00 am - 11:45 am
La Commune Blockchain
Speaker : Janin Grandne
11:45 am - 12:00 pm
Keynote Prospective / Foresight on AI and Blockchain
Speaker : Michel Saloff-Coste
12:00 pm - 12:20 pm
Blockchain Barometer by Sindup
Speakers : Mickaël Réault, Stéphane Bellec
12:20 pm - 01:45 pm
01:15 pm - 04:30 pm
Blockchain Speed Meetings

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01:45 pm - 03:00 pm
Positive Impact Blockchain Contest
01:45 pm - 03:00 pm
Blockchain & Finance
Speakers : Yoann Caujolle, Alexis Collomb, David Derhy, David Derhy
01:45 pm - 03:00 pm
Blockchain business models and practical cases
Speakers :  Sarah-Diane Eck, Manon Gaudefroy, Thierry Rayna
01:45 pm - 03:00 pm
ICO best practices
Speakers : Mihai Dinulescu, David Prinçay
01:45 pm - 03:00 pm
Blockchain & future of work
Speakers : Laura Degiovanni, Philippe Honigman, Luc Jarry-Lacombe, 
03:00 pm - 04:00 pm
Blockchain & education
Conférence co-présentée par Blockchain@edu et Kryptosphère
03:00 pm - 04:00 pm
Roundtable Energy / Climate
Speakers : Patrice Geoffron, Guillaume Guérard, Arnaud Voisin
03:00 pm - 04:00 pm
Roundtable: Blockchain and Immaterial assets
Speakers : Roxanne Andrieux, Laura Degiovanni, Noémie Dié, Patrick Duvaut, 
03:00 pm - 04:00 pm
Global public policies about blockchain
Speakers : Yoann Caujolle, Jean-Michel Mis, Emmanuel Pesenti, Joëlle Toledano, Thibault Verbiest
03:00 pm - 04:00 pm
Roundtable: DAO and the collaborative economy
Speakers : Jacques Arcade, Philippe Honigman, Daniel Shavit
03:00 pm - 05:00 pm
Makesense workshop
04:30 pm - 05:00 pm
Beyond Blockchain, Holochain & the Cryptoeconomics Revolution

Conference “From Homo sapiens to Holo Sapiens”

Our species evolves. Every second throngs of people weave their values and world views on the internet and give rise to a new form of collective intelligence, never seen before in human history. Distributed, open source, based on interconnected individual sovereignty, organized around socialware and soon, distributed apps (dApps), we call it holomidal collective intelligence. Yet this young holomidal collective intelligence still relies on the old economy expressed in national currencies. In the coming years we will witness the emergence of a new language of wealth that operates in a much more integrative way, and includes nature, climate, other living beings, and follows the complex non-linear flows of living systems. Holomidal collective intelligence will offer an infrastructure for the next consciousness to manifest naturally, at individual and collective levels. Evolution from Homo sapiens to Holo sapiens has begun its course. Will you evolve too?

04:30 pm - 05:30 pm
Positive Workshop
05:00 pm - 05:30 pm
Is blockchain a truly transformative technology?

Keynote speaker : Hicham El Maaroufi Elidrissi

05:30 pm - 06:30 pm
Final session: wrap-ups, conclusion
06:15 pm - 07:00 pm