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Blockchain Agora 2018

Blockchain (and beyond...): sustaining the Planet, People, Projects...

...towards the cryptoeconomics revolution



• 40 speakers

• 300 participants

• 10 workshops

• 1 track "Positive Blockchain"

• 1 social impact startups contest

• 1 speed meetings session

• 1 poster session (presentation of R&D projects)

• 5 networking moments

• 1000 coffees and drinks


The blockchain, between dreams and reality ... ... sustaining the Planet, People and Projects

The blockchain is now entering a paradoxical phase. It represents a great dream, it makes everything seem possible and its fields of applications are potentially unlimited. Exciting new perspectives are quickly emerging, based on a revolution in interpersonal transactions involving trust and empowerment of people. But on the other hand, it is now time to sell something more than dreams. Companies expect concrete, down to earth applications, they want to see and use the imagined business cases which can be based on PoCs that really work and not only on paper. And even, beyond these experiments it is necessary to go further by transforming the pilot tests into a profitable business model. This business model must lead, for the most ambitious projects, to the digital transformation of companies which have seized blockchain's disruptive opportunities and apply it to their strategic business areas.

Blockchain Agora 2018 will illustrate the tension between this double issue: the blockchain for good, which has a positive impact for the planet, society and citizens, on one hand, and the need to demonstrate that blockchain can lead to tangible realizations, on the other hand.

Organized by La Fabrique du Futur and hosted by Télécom ParisTech, Blockchain Agora 2018 is the third edition of this blockchain event. The DNA of Blockchain Agora is to understand the blockchain by its societal aspects while presenting concrete user cases. The 2018 edition will continue in this way: protean event, Blockchain Agora will combine keynotes, round tables, hackathons and workshops, speed meetings, pitches by startups, living labs sessions, master classes, poster sessions, partnering opportunities ... Blockchain Agora will thus present at the same time future and concrete perspectives that blockchains will offer. In short, Blockchain Agora 2018 will be the head in the stars, but feet anchored to the ground. 


November 15th 2018 from 08:30 AM to 07:00 PM GMT 1

Telecom ParisTech 46 Rue Barrault 75013 Paris

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Arnaud Saint-Paul
Executive Chairman - The Give Foundation
Roxanne Andrieux
Director - Ideation
Stéphane Voisin
Climate-Chain research and Green-Data-Lab initiatives coordinator - Institut Louis Bachelier
Patrick Duvaut
Head of innovation - Institut Mines Telecom
Manon Gaudefroy
Communication consultant & Co-leader of the Blockchain offer - Havas
Michel Saloff-Coste
Directeur - Institut International de Prospective sur les Ecosystèmes Innovants
Sarah-Diane Eck
Founder - Sandblock
Luc Jarry-Lacombe
CEO - BC Diploma
Vidal Chriqui
Co-founder - BTU Protocol
Mihai Dinulescu
Blockchain expert - Ambisafe-Financial
Laura Degiovanni
Founder / CEO - TiiQu
Sébastien Jehan
CEO / CTO - Rockchain
Daniel Shavit
Blockchain expert - La Fabrique du Futur & Co
Patrice Geoffron
Director of research centre in Energy and Climate Change Economics - Paris-Dauphine University
Alexis Collomb
Professor of Finance, Cnam Scientific co-director, Blockchain Perspectives Joint Research Initiative - CNAM
Noémie Dié
Chief digital & science development officer - Institut Louis Bachelier
Philippe Honigman
Co-founder & Partner - Tribute
Joëlle Toledano
Professeur émérite - Chaire Gouvernance & Régulation
Mickaël Réault
CEO - Sindup
Patrick Waelbroeck
Professor - Telecom ParisTech
Diane Richebourg
Avocat - DS Avocats
Gérard Memmi
Head of Networks and Computer Science Department - Telecom ParisTech
Emmanuel Pesenti
President - French Road
Lucas Zaehringer
Founder & Blockchain Positivist - Positive Blockchain
David Prinçay
Co-créateur - Club Français de la Cryptomonnaie (CFC)
Charles Kremer
Program Director - IRT SystemX
Thierry Rayna
Professor of Innovation Management - Ecole Polytechnique
Josep Lluis de la Rosa
Director - Master Distributed Ledger Technologies and Artificial Intelligence
Matthias de Bièvre
CEO - Visions
Raphaël Briner
Founder - Studio KOH
Janin Grandne
President - La Commune Blockchain
André Dan
Master of Ceremony -
Yoann Caujolle
Investment Director - Bpifrance
Guillaume Guérard
Enseignant-Chercheur Département Nouvelles Énergies - ESILV -
Jacques Arcade
Co-founder - La Fabrique du Futur & Co
Stéphane Bellec
Founder - Citizen Kom
David Derhy
French Partner - eToro
Jean-François Noubel
Leadership Team - Holo
David Fayon
Digital Transformation Consultant - La Poste
Eric Seulliet
Président - La Fabrique du Futur
Hicham El Maaroufi Elidrissi
Founder - Leanealist
Hervé Hababou
President - BTU Protocol
Khalid Belghiti
Founder - Scrypt.Media
Sabri Solani
Responsable de Projet - La Fabrique du Futur
Sandrine Maisano
Administrateur - La Fabrique du Futur
Sylvain Preault
Founder - Sweech













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Blockchain Agora is a partner event of D.R.A.W. (Digital Research  & Art Wave), International Digital Week, due from 12 November to 2 december 2018