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Speed up the event planning process and empower your team(s). Recording will be sent to all participants.

Let’s face it: whether it’s about you or your team, it’s inevitable to spend a crazy amount of time and resources on setting up and managing events. But what if you could speed up the planning process, while getting 10x more results?

Join us for a behind-the-scenes training to discover how Eventtia can help you and your team members create an event in 30 minutes. It’s time to automate the logistics and move away from working long hours on repetitive and exhausting planning tasks.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

- Why and how to configure multiple attendee types for your upcoming event

- How to create an efficient registration form and how to generate attendee badges

- How the online registration process works

- How to set up an event schedule (speakers, activities, and points of interest)

- How to design your event website

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